• “ Dr. Moody is absolutely great! She truly cares for her patients and makes sure that you are happy with your results.  Also the staff is friendly and helpful.”

    — Angelica S.

  • “ I would highly recommend Dr. Moody to anyone looking to get braces for their kids or themselves.  I have three kids and two of them have had braces. It was time for the third to get braces, but the previous orthodontist had retired.  We visited several offices looking for a new orthodontist.  Cost was most important, but we also wanted someone knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Moody met all of these criteria.  My child was done with treatment in 18 months and her teeth look great!! I am now considering Invisalign for myself !! 

    — David S.

  • Moody Orthodontic is the BEST!!! Dr. Moody and her staff are so helpful and happy. I recently had my braces removed but the whole experience has been nothing short of AWESOME!!! The office is beautiful and the staff is knowledgeable.”

    — Ivonne B.

  • The school nurse called to say my daughter had something wrong with her braces and it was hurting her. I wasn’t able to leave work to go pick her up so I called Dr. Moody’s office to explain the situation and see if they could help me over the phone. The receptionist told Dr. Moody what was going on and Dr. Moody sent one of her staff to my daughters school!!! They fixed the poking wire right there and my daughter was able to finish the day. I cannot believe the level of service Dr. Moody provides. You will not find a better or more generous place for you or your child.

    — Brenda C.

  • “As we got closer to the end of my Invisalign treatment, Dr. Moody announced that she wasn’t happy with the final product. I thought my teeth looked perfect, but she was not satisfied. She gave me the choice of opting out or going for a little longer to make it perfect. WOW! who does that? I mean, my teeth were 99% better than when I started, I could have left then and been abundantly pleased but, because she is a perfectionist, she wasn’t happy. We extended the revision by a few weeks and my teeth were perfect when we finished.

    Take aways:

    – This is your smile and your teeth; it pays to do your homework.

    – You get what you pay for, Dr. Moody is not the least expensive nor is she the most expensive but, the quality of her work and attention to detail IMO is the best.

    – Office personnel and office setting are important. She has a private room for adults when there are a lot of kiddos.

    – Going the extra mile. Most would not have taken the time to make it right. I like the fact that Dr. Moody is a perfectionist and holds herself to the highest standards.

    If you are an adult, no matter how bad your teeth look, no matter what you have been told, I am 100% confident that Dr. Moody can and will work with you to make them the absolute best they can be.”

    — Kim M.

  • We took our daughter to four different orthodontists. Dr. Moody was the only one who was willing to treat her without extracting any of her teeth. She spoke to my daughter during the entire appointment and explained everything to her in a way we all understood. I didn’t feel like Dr. Moody was in a hurry and she took her time answering my daughters questions. Needless to say we chose Moody Orthodontics and now my daughter has a big beautiful smile and all of her teeth! We couldn’t be happier.

    — Paul E.

  • My teeth look beautiful and compared to my initial round of braces about ten years ago performed by another orthodontist…I couldn’t have asked for a better second round experience.”

    — Karen S.

  • “The office is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s clean, modern and well suited for all ages.  Her chairs are without a doubt the most comfortable dental chairs I’ve ever sat in.  Literally it’s like laying in my Tempurpedic!  There are even private rooms should you care for one.” 

    — Sheridan D.

  • “My son plays football and really didn’t want to have to wear braces. We saw two other orthodontists who told us his teeth were to bad for Invisalign. Our dentist recommended Dr. Moody so we went to see her. Not only did she say he could have Invisalign but the time was less than what the other two told us. My son is very happy with his treatment and Dr. Moody genuinely cares about her patients.”

    — Lauren G.

  • The front office staff always greets me with a smile and her assistants are just as polite and knowledgeable.” 

    — Ryan R.

  • I have four kids in treatment all with Dr. Moody. We visited a few other orthodontists before selecting Moody Orthodontics. Dr. Moody did a much more in depth exam than any other doctor we saw and told us all of the options. Stephanie worked with us on financing and gave us a very affordable payment plan to allow us to have all the kids treated. To top it off they let me schedule all four kids appointments at the same time!!! This is a huge time saver for me and my kids always have fun at their appointments. Moody Ortho will really take care of you!

    — Samantha R.

  • “Dr. Moody is a gem!  She’s insanely sweet, 100% invested in my case and the success of it and is very thorough.  She evaluated my case and gave me my options with pricing.  From there WE decided on the best decision for me given my expectations and primary concerns.”

    — Marci F.

  • “I was visiting Austin from out of state when my bottom retainer broke. It was poking into my tongue and I was miserable. I called several orthodontists and dentists and nobody would help. I called Moody Orthodontics and they got me in that day, even though they were closed! Dr. Moody removed the broken retainer and put a new one on. She was so friendly and the new one feels better than my old one. My vacation was saved thanks to Dr. Moody.”

    — Tyler S.

  • “I chose Dr. Moody for Invisalign based on a recommendation from a colleague who told me she had a lot of experience treating adults. I have to say Dr. Moody has been wonderful and my smile is better than I imagined but her office staff also deserves 5 stars. I am a busy professional and my schedule is constantly changing so it is hard for me to make time for appointments. The staff has always been understanding and worked with me to make sure I was taken care of. I rarely had to wait more than 5 minutes for any appointment. If you are busy and want the best, call Dr. Moody.”

    — Jay S.

  • I love Dr. Moody! My braces have been off for 6 months now and my teeth look exceptional. Her and the staff were always so welcoming and sweet. My appointments always flowed so smoothly and the office manager I always found to be very very helpful when it came down to fitting me in around my work schedule. Thank you Dr. Moody.

    — Janet G.

  • invisible braces

    Keeping those pearly whites shining and looking their best can be very expensive. Some of us are blessed with really great teeth. Some of us aren’t

    No matter how well we take care of our teeth, some of these little guys can’t help but come out crooked. Thankfully, braces have come a long way.

    Actually, braces technology has gotten almost too good. To the degree that some people are trying to reproduce braces, namely Invisalign’s invisible braces.

    With a 3D printer and some research, fixing your crooked teeth can be possible without ever paying for an orthodontist. The question everyone should be asking is:

    “Is this safe, and is it worth the risk?”

    DIY Invisible Braces

    Last year, a college student made some waves in the dental news. He printed his very own clear pair of teeth aligners. That’s not all, though–they actually worked.

    Now, let’s make things clear here. This kid wasn’t your average arts major tinkering with a 3D printer. He engineered these and did lots of work to achieve this.

    What he proved was not that orthodontics is obsolete, but that invisible braces could be printed outside the office.

    His 3D printer was also not the home variety, either. His college printer was industrial grade and nowhere near practical. The polymer he used to make the aligners was not medical grade, either.

    All these inconvenient facts for believers are often missed, which is why this experiment spawned a whole movement of DIY dental trends.

    We get it, dental health care can be expensive, but is it worth it to risk worsening your health? Should you wait a bit longer and save up for a professional treatment or do it yourself?

    Here are a couple more reasons why you should avoid DIY dentistry.

    Medical Safeguards

    When you get invisible braces at the dentist, the process is very involved and cautious. The polymer to create the mold is prepared in a sterile lab, not some warehouse like an inkjet cartridge.

    The molds are carefully laid out with special software. It’s not something college students could ever use. Even if they could get their hands on it, this software needs the understanding of an orthodontist.

    This is because aligners are intended to gently shift teeth in and out of the way. Making them straight is a product of careful planning and understanding.

    Even after the manufacturing of the invisible braces, they still need to be monitored. Sometimes gums create unintended shifting. Too much pressure can create cracks or damage.

    Only an orthodontist can prevent irreparable damage from poor alignment.

    Deceptive Results

    Let’s just say that someone got lucky with their DIY invisible braces. Maybe they actually got some positive results from the first few weeks.

    Well, the problem here is that you don’t have any follow-up alignments. To maintain that perfect smile, you need more than just one pair of Invisalign inserts. You’ll need some sort of retainer to prevent teeth from settling and shifting.

    An orthodontist provides Invisalign as a multi-stage treatment to prevent any unwanted future imbalance.

    ‘Simple’ DIY: Gap Bands

    Problem: You have a space between your teeth that you would like closed.

    Solution: Pull those teeth closer together gradually with a rubber band.

    Sounds simple enough, but as with most dental procedures, teeth are anything but simple. This trend of DIY at-home orthodontics is actually pretty dangerous.

    You could lose both of your front teeth, or even worse.

    A company called GapBands will actually sell you elastic rubber bands to slip over your teeth. The problem here is that it’s on you to monitor and detect any complications. You, the person with zero orthodontic experience.

    If that band slips underneath your gum-line, you are in for a world of hurt. You could lose those teeth if it takes too long for you to get a dentist to remove it.

    The band can literally rip the roots from under the teeth. This can likewise cause painful infections, potentially life-threatening ones.

    Nothing Can Replace Experience

    No matter how basic or straight-forward a medical treatment may seem, nothing can substitute a decade of experience. DIY invisible braces and other treatments can leave you worse off, both financially and medically.

    Technological advancements are only as effective as they are in the hands of experts and licensed professionals. Orthodontists don’t just print out a mold from the scanned teeth images. Evaluating and surveying patient information is key.

    Companies like GapBands take advantage of this disconnect between doctor and patient relations. They want to play into that paranoia that everyone in the healthcare industry is out to squeeze you for everything you’ve got. Don’t listen to them.

    Healthcare prices should not take precedence over health and safety.

    Accessible Austin Orthodontics

    Looking for invisible braces or other dental services to put your perfect smile back on display? Here at Moody Orthodontics, we understand the pressures of balancing bills with personal care.

    We say that you should never compromise on either physical or mental health. Our smiles are so important for maintaining confidence and happiness.

    Don’t let desperation get the best of you and put you in a highly risky situation. Just plan your dental treatments with a professional who can help you do it right and without the stress.

    Take this opportunity to schedule a free consultation. Learn about our affordable treatment options and payment plans.

    Life is too short to be going around giving people half-smiles.

    Open wide, say cheese, and share more of those full-bellied laughs!

    — Are Do It Yourself Invisible Braces Really Worth It?