“As we got closer to the end of my Invisalign treatment, Dr. Moody announced that she wasn’t happy with the final product. I thought my teeth looked perfect, but she was not satisfied. She gave me the choice of opting out or going for a little longer to make it perfect. WOW! who does that? I mean, my teeth were 99% better than when I started, I could have left then and been abundantly pleased but, because she is a perfectionist, she wasn’t happy. We extended the revision by a few weeks and my teeth were perfect when we finished.

Take aways:

– This is your smile and your teeth; it pays to do your homework.

– You get what you pay for, Dr. Moody is not the least expensive nor is she the most expensive but, the quality of her work and attention to detail IMO is the best.

– Office personnel and office setting are important. She has a private room for adults when there are a lot of kiddos.

– Going the extra mile. Most would not have taken the time to make it right. I like the fact that Dr. Moody is a perfectionist and holds herself to the highest standards.

If you are an adult, no matter how bad your teeth look, no matter what you have been told, I am 100% confident that Dr. Moody can and will work with you to make them the absolute best they can be.”