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Dr. Moody prides herself on providing efficient treatment and delivering exceptional results in the shortest time possible. At every appointment, Dr. Moody will advance your treatment, in the fastest and healthiest way possible so that you see real progress and get amazing results. Orthodontic treatment is an art as well as a science, and Moody Orthodontics is proud to offer a variety of options that facilitate accelerated treatment with a focus on stability and efficiency, centered on YOUR biology and health.


  • Check out our Smile Gallery to see real smiles from happy patients who  achieved their dream smiles with safe, FDA approved accelerated treatment.
  • Faster treatment is not always healthy or stable. Some general dentists and big companies advertise orthodontic treatment in half the time but in most cases this is to good to be true. A beautiful smile must also be stable and not harmful to your teeth or jaws.
  • An orthodontic specialist is the best person to help you achieve a beautiful healthy smile in the shortest time possible with proven and safe methods.



Acceledent is a fast, safe, and gentle way to speed up tooth movement and reduce your treatment time with braces or Invisalign. The device uses microvibrations to stimulate the bone remodeling needed for teeth to move. Acceledent is an easy-to-use FDA-cleared device that when used 20 minutes a day can reduce treatment time up to 50%. Research has shown that with Acceledent, tooth movement is accelerated by 106% during the initial phase of treatment. Additionally, Acceledent helps reduce pain and discomfort from tooth movement.


PROPEL technology stimulates bone remodeling, allowing teeth to move faster and more precisely into their ideal position. PROPEL is an innovative treatment that works with your own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth. PROPEL helps teeth shift and tissues heal faster than with braces or Invisalign alone — and can shorten treatment time by up to 50%.