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Adult Braces and Invisalign®

Regardless of age, you deserve a big, beautiful, broad smile and the confidence that goes along with it. Adult orthodontic treatment is very popular.  We see this firsthand at Moody Orthodontics. In fact, almost 50% of Dr. Moody’s patients are adults who want a perfect smile or a better bite.

With the latest technology for adult treatment, private treatment rooms, and after-work appointments, Moody Orthodontics makes getting the amazing smile you’ve always wanted an easy and efficient process for adults. Dr. Moody and her experienced team encourage you to do something for YOURSELF and believe it’s never too late to start treatment.


It's never to late for Treatment

Improve Self Confidence

Improve your self confidence and align teeth for a more beautiful and aesthetic smile

Reduce Signs of Aging

Broad fuller smiles will create fuller lips and reduce wrinkle lines around the mouth

Improve your overall health

Create a more comfortable bite to reduce excessive wear on teeth, improve the ability to chew food properly, brush and floss more easily, and alleviate sleep apnea symptoms.

Barely a Trace 

Braces have come a long way. In many cases, Invisalign®—a virtually invisible alternative to braces can be used to treat most adults. Invisalign® employs clear, removable aligners with advanced 3D imaging to straighten teeth.

Dr. Moody uses her artistic background and advanced education (Invisalign Masters and certified orthodontic specialist) to craft the perfect smile for adult patients. Invisalign® is the brush, and Dr. Moody is the artist creating a beautiful smile.

We also offer clear braces instead of metal for more severe cases, including surgical orthodontics. Adults report the same level of comfort as children with orthodontic treatment. Today’s braces are smaller and more comfortable, with minimal discomfort.

Modern techniques apply less pressure on teeth while “accelerating treatment” more quickly and efficiently. This also extends the time between adjustments and reduces treatment time.

Your journey to a fantastic smile can start today; call us or click to schedule your free consultation.