At Moody Orthodontics we practice Integrative Orthodontics, which is a complex philosophy that examines the entirety of a person’s health not just their teeth or smile. Sometimes referred to as Airway Orthodontics.

Airway orthodontics focuses on not only achieving an ideal jaw relationship and beautiful smile, but also on establishing proper oral function and performance. Airway and breathing are the keys to proper function and development of the jaws and face. We know that ideal health and facial development is dependent on correct tongue posture and nasal breathing. If this is not established, it results in breathing disorders, poorly aligned teeth and unbalanced facial features. If we evaluate and address the airway problems, we can restore balance and eliminate deficiencies in the way our faces grow, the way our airways develop, and allow teeth to align in the most ideal and manner.


Dr. Moody is trained to look for signs of airway-related issues and can assess the airway and help to determine if there are deficiencies in growth or airflow. If an airway-related issue is present, we will work collaboratively with your physician or pediatrician and/or the ear nose and throat physician (ENT) to manage the soft and hard tissues both structurally and medically. Dr. Moody will also evaluate the tongue posture swallowing pattern for any abnormalities as well as any speech problems. We often work with a myofunctional therapist to address these issues, and to determine if a tongue or lip tie release is necessary. This team approach helps to not only treat airways, but more importantly, to improve growth and enhance quality of life.


  • Sleep Disorders: Studies suggest that more than 50% of patients with sleep disorders have airway issues. Airway focused treatment looks beyond the tongue and teeth, including all connected elements. It takes your entire head and body into account, which allows us to provide more in-depth solutions for our patients.
  • Prevention: In most cases, if airway problems are diagnosed and treated early it will prevent deficient or excess facial growth, crowded crooked teeth, and restore balanced facial growth and development. This often prevents invasive future treatment such as jaw surgery or permanent tooth extractions.

Signs and symptoms of breathing disorders:

Symptoms of breathing disorders in children and adolescents, may include daytime sleepiness, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, snoring, bedwetting, hyperactivity or ADD/ADHD symptoms, moodiness, shallow breathing, chronic nighttime restlessness, teeth grinding and periods of no breathing or breath holding while asleep.

Symptoms in adults may include snoring heavily, mouth breathing, waking with choking sensation or gasping for breath, nighttime restlessness, heartburn, high blood pressure, clenching or grinding the teeth or feeling exhausted after a full night’s sleep.

Some of the most common breathing disorders we see are obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS). If left undiagnosed (OSA) and (UARS) have been directly connected to larger health concerns such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, anxiety and depression, obesity, ADHD and more.

Moody Orthodontics focuses on addressing the underlying cause of obstructed breathing, so children and adults can enjoy improved overall health along with a lasting beautiful smile and ideal oral function. Call us today for a complimentary exam.